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Congratulations to all inquiring couples! 

My love for the wedding industry started at a young age when I used to help my mom deliver wedding cakes for her business Niagara Cake Artistry - I was always in awe of the uniqueness of each couples special day. After I completed my music degree and moved back to Niagara, I knew that music for weddings was something I really wanted to be part of and have always completely enjoyed (we are so blessed to be in an area that has incredible beaches, vineyards and fields as breathtaking venues). 


 Whether you are looking for classical/formal pieces, fiddle/folk tunes or popular hits and mashups, I love getting to know the stories behind your selections and what suits you as a couple to set the tone for your wedding day! Take a look at my Song Suggestion List in the drop down menu to see my most popular songs from 2021.


30 minutes of music while guests are arriving

Processional for the Bridesmaids

Processional for the Bride

Signing of the registry

Recessional song 

15 minutes of music while guests are leaving 

Add on services such as Cocktail Hour or Dinner Service can be booked by the hour.

Typical pricing ranges from $250-350 within my travel boundaries.

Additional travel outside of Niagara, NOTL, Fort Erie, Haldimand County and Hamilton is $0.60/km.

funeral service photo.jpg


So often, music can offer a sense of healing and comfort. 

A selection of songs that your loved one cherished or reminds you of them is a great way to honour their memory. Whether you need me to lead with a hymn or a special selection, the simplicity and warmth of the violin has the ability to calm a room during this healing process. 
 - 30 minutes of music while guests are arriving, 3 special requests, 20 minutes while guests are leaving
Ceremony Service - $265

While it is a difficult to lay a loved one to rest, some soft background music while loved ones say their last goodbyes, share memories or stories can be very impactful. 
- Up to an hour of soft acoustic hymns and peaceful songs
Graveside service - $150



My first violin teacher was a church musician - he smiled while he played and brought others so much joy through music. It wasn't long before he had me learning Amazing Grace or some special music tunes to play along with him. My music and faith were introduced to me at the same time and will therefor be always intertwined. 

I truly love performing at different churches, meeting new people and providing special music. Typically I perform three solos as well accompanying along with the services planned songs/hymns. 

Churches in the Niagara area - $150

Detail of Sheet Music

Special Events - Holiday, Art Shows, Festivals 

With 10+ years of experience performing Christmas selections for store open houses, restaurants, work parties and festivals, I have a selection of three hours of memorized music ready for your special event.

Local art shows, open houses and galas are something I am very familiar with.  It is so beautiful when more than one art form can share one space or be paired together to enhance each other. 

As weekly busker, up beat fiddle, folk and acoustic tunes are something I specialize in. Consider this service for your summer festivals, fall fairs and spring celebrations. 

Special event services - $200 for the first hour 

                                       $50 additional for each consecutive hour

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